Governing Body

The Governing Body of the college is constitued as per provision in the statues of the University of SIDHO-KANHO-BIRSHA. The students, Teacher & Non –Teaching staff are well represented in the body along with the nominess from the University of SIDHO-KANHO-BIRSHA & the Govt. Of West Bengal. It loks into the general affairs of the college & takes steps for further development of the college.

Name of the members of present Governing Body

Prof Susmita Chaudhury(President)
Prof Kinkar Das (Secretary & T.I.C)
Prof Goutam Kumar Mandal (Teacher Representative)
Prof Kakoli Tah (University Nominee)
Prof Provat Mandal (University Nominee)
Sri Maghnath Mahato (University Nominee)
Sri Mihir Kumar Kuiry (Govt. Nominee)
Sri Tapan Kumar Sahu.(N.T.S)
Sri Rajendra Nath Mahato (N.T.S)
Kumari Rashmi Prasad (Student Union) (G.S)