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Netaji subhas Ashram Mahavidyalaya Suisa, Purulia , an education Institute with the mission, occupies a unique position in higher education of the state. It offers a range of degrees at under graduate level. The institute is the first to introduce chhou dance and mask making as add- on course sponsored by UGC. Aim of our institution which strives distinctly dynamic and socially and socially responsible is to manifest perfection in the student.

General Atmosphere:

Though college is in still formative stage, it has built up an atmosphere congenial to the spread of education & conducive to the free development of human values. It must be admitted that the college has a long way to go before it can provide the students & the members of the teaching & non-teaching staff with all the facilities required by them. Yet under the heaviest of limitations the college has been able to inculcate discipline among the students & the spirit of selfless devotion amongst among the helpless wemen of this region.




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