College Rules & Regulation

  1. Students by the very first day of joining the College are observe and follow its rules, regulations and traditions.
  2. Insubordination or serious misconduct will be sufficient reason for expulsion.
  3. No students shall misappropriate destroy or damage any College Property. Damage of any kind of College property must be paid for by the Students responsible.
  4. Students are not allowed to use College telephone.
  5. All students must have College Identity Card which they must carry with them in the College.
  6. No meeting of any kind of the students of the College or any section of the students shall be commenced within the college premises without prior permission from the Principal.
  7. No public function to which outsiders are involved shall be organized within college premises without permission from the principal.
  8. No outsider shall be allowed to address the students without prior permission from the Principal .
  9. No association or organization of the students shall be formed without the prior permission from the Principal.
  10. No students shall absent himself/herself from examination, unless prevented by illness, without the prior permission from the Principal.
  11. No order already inforce or to be issued by the University or the Principal of the College shall be disobeyed or disregarded by any students.
  12. A student shall be guilty of breaches of discipline if he/she violates any of the aforesaid rules of discipline or shall be guilty of misconduct or indecorous behavior in the event of being disrespectful.  


Rounded Rectangle: Every Students has to attend at least 75% of the Total Classes actually held.