Netaji Subhas Ashram Mahavidyalaya
Affiliated by Sidho Kanho Birsha University
Suisa : Purulia : West Bengal
ESTD : 1985
College Rules & Regulation
  1. Students must present their identity card to the gatekeepers while entering the college campus and must wear the identity card around their necks at all times while within the college campus.
  2. Students, by the very fact of joining the College, are obliged to follow all rules, regulations and traditions.
  3. The name of a student will be struck off from the roll if he/she does not attend the classes within ten days form the commencement of classes.
  4. The students will be declared non-collegiate if they fail to attend at least 75% of the total classes in each subject and will be declared discollegiate if they fail to attend at least 65% of the total classes held per subject during the total academic year. In such case they will not be allowed to sit for the final Examination.
  5. Students should respect their teachers and this should be reflected in their behaviour towards them.
  6. Students must show proper manners and appropriate disciplined behaviour in the college campus.
  7. Students should make proper use of the Central Library and of the libraries of their respective departments.
  8. Students should respect elderly persons at all times.
  9. Students must dress decently and appropriately.
  10. Students should avoid littering in the College campus, they must keep the College campus clean and organized as far as possible.
  11. Ragging, fighting and humiliating others are strictly prohibited.
  12. Use of mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets within the class or laboratories, without the permission of concerned teachers, are strictly prohibited.
  13. Loitering in the College campus with two-wheelers is strictly prohibited.
  14. Students should take care of the college buildings and of the any college property.
  15. Students should consider joining the Alumni Association after they graduate from this college.
  16. No outsider shall be allowed to address the students without prior permission from the principal.
  17. No public function to which outsiders are involved shall be organized within college premises without permission from the principal.
Rounded Rectangle: Every Students has to attend at least 75% of the Total Classes actually held.