Governing Body

The Governing Body of the college is constitued as per provision in the statues of the University of SIDHO-KANHO-BIRSHA. The students, Teacher & Non –Teaching staff are well represented in the body along with the nominess from the University of SIDHO-KANHO-BIRSHA & the Govt. Of West Bengal. It loks into the general affairs of the college & takes steps for further development of the college.

Name of the members of present Governing Body

1. Sri Hiradhar Kuiry | (President)
2. Prof. Kinkar Das | (Secretary & T.I.C)
3. Sri Rakesh Mahato | (Govt. Nominee)
4. Sri Rahin Kumar | (Govt. Nominee)
5. Sri Narayan Chandra Kuiry | (Nominee of WBSCHE)
6. Prof. Anita Banerjee | (University Nominee)
7. Prof. Sanat Kr. Mahato | (University Nominee)
8. Sri Gopal Chandra Prasad | (Trustee Board’s Representative)
9. Prof. Navneet Acharya | (Teachers Representative)
10. Prof. Dr. Enamul Haque | (Teachers Representative)
11. Prof. Umashankar Roy | (Teachers Representative)
12. Sri Budhulal Kuiry | (Non-Teaching Staff Representative)